How loud is it? Can I use it in a residential area?

Our Bird Scare Guns range in volume from 110dB up to 125dB and are designed for rural properties, landfills, airports or sea ports. Our Bird Scare Guns are not designed to be used in residential areas due to proximity to neighbours. Please check with your local council in regards to noise ordinances. 

How far does the sound reach?

The blast sounds can cover up to 1-7 acres depending on the shape and topography of your land.

Wont the birds get used to the sound?

For the Bird Scare Guns to be most effective they should be used when the birds are most actively feeding. This will normally be in the early morning and late afternoon; but this could be dependent on the species.

Tips to ensure the birds don't get used to the sound:

  • Relocate the scare gun on a regular basis.

  • Adjust the intervals between each shot on a regular basis.

  • Use the Bird Scare Tripod so the blast coming from different directions.

  • Use additional guns around the property for improved coverage.

Overall the blast of our bird scare guns is...well...like a gun, because of this it is by no means pleasant to be anywhere close to.

With the correct setup the question above is not something to worry about. 

What animals/pests will this work for?

Our cannons are ideal for all birds, they can also be used to scare away Kangaroos and Foxes.

Can I adjust the volume/sound/blast intensity?

Yes, the cannon will run at full volume with the barrel pulled all the way out. 

If you wish to reduce the volume, slide the barrel back into the cannon body.

How long will a gas bottle last?

Our Bird Scare Guns are highly economical to run and you will see roughly 17,500 shots from one 9kg gas bottle. 

Do I need the timer?

The timer is a on/off timer that you can set when crops are at their most vulnerable.

Simply setup the timer for the hours you want the cannon to operate during the day, adjust the regulator for the time (intervals) between each shot and let the cannon do the rest from there.  

With the timer fitted you will no longer have to manually turn the gun on and off at the desired times of the day. 

Some of our customers purchase the timer as they can be away from the property so want to set and forget.

Or maybe you are just looking for a sleep in so you don't have to go out and turn the gun on first thing in the morning.

Do I need the Tripod?

For greater coverage, the tripod setup is recommended.

With the cannon 1.5m off the ground, the blast will travel a greater distance.

By adding the provided deflector to the end of the cannon the gun can rotate 20° each shot to provide full 360-degree coverage throughout the operation. 

This protects more acreage since each shot is in a different direction and depending on where the gun is placed the sound bounces differently around the topography of your property. 

Do I need to plug it in?

The Bird Scare Gun runs solely on propane gas (LPG tank not included).

Does it come with a remote?

No, at this time we do not offer a remote control.

Will it work automatically?

Yes, the cannon can run unattended after initial setup.

What might affect the performance of the cannon?

If there is a strong wind blowing down the barrel this can compromise the mixture and effect the blast.

Can the Bird Scare Cannon be left in the rain?

Yes the Bird Scare Cannon is weather resistant but can not be submerged. Ideally the cannon should be brought out of the rain.  

Where are your Bird Scare Guns made?

Our Bird Scare Guns are both designed and made in Europe. 

Who do we use for delivery?

As the majority of our customers live in rural locations or use PO BOX's we only use Australia Post.